High-Availability Kamailio keepalived SIP VoIP

kamailio high availability using keepalived

This is a quick post on how to use keepalived to setup high-availability on two kamailio machines. In this setup there will be a “primary” and “secondary” node. Each node will be running kamailio and keepalived with a “shared” or sometimes referred to as a “floating” IP address. The idea is that each node will […]

Asterisk High-Availability Kamailio Load Balancer RTP RTPEngine SIP VoIP

RTPEngine with Kamailio as Load-balancer and IP Gateway

This post explains how to setup Kamailio as an SBC and IP Gateway. We are using Debian 8 in this example. It uses Kamailio’s dispatcher module to distribute calls to Asterisk. It uses RTPEngine to proxy media to & from the public internet across the LAN to Asterisk. This is a powerful setup as you […]

Corosync Failover High-Availability Kamailio Pacemaker SIP VoIP

Kamailio: High-Availability/Failover with Corosync and Pacemaker on Debian 7

In this setup, we will have 2 Kamailio servers, referred to as ‘nodes’. One will be active and one will standby. There is a 3rd ‘floating’ IP that is moved to which ever node is active. Kamailio should be configured to use the floating IP. In this example, the nodes are: kam01: kam02: […]